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present new episodes of the unscripted web sitcom "Best Laid Plans"

Whittier, CA — April 1, 2010 — New Renaissance Pictures and are proud to bring brand new episodes of the hit web series "Best Laid Plans" to the free, ad-supported and the Hulu Plus subscription service beginning April 1. The completely improvised sitcom premiered in August 2010 to stellar audience reviews, prompting the actors and filmmakers to continue the story with a fresh batch of episodes.

"The show is resonating with our viewers in all of the ways we were hoping, and more," explains executive producer and co-creator Joshua Sikora. "The improv isn’t just a great source of comedy —it’s also made our characters and their situations incredibly raw and relatable."

"Best Laid Plans" is completely unscripted thanks to an ensemble cast of talented improv performers. Each episode is loosely outlined and then the actors have complete freedom to take the scenes in unexpected directions. "As an actor, it's great because I get to harvest those gems of moments that only happen when people are hearing something for the very first time," explains lead actor and co-creator Jesse GrothOlson. "It's fresh, it's organic, and we get to capture that."

The series follows four best friends as they learn that life never goes according to plan. There's Tom, an out-of-work mechanic and hopeless romantic. He has everything he needs, but still doesn't know what he wants. Roommate Alex was living off his parents' trust fund until the economy went bust. Now he's stuck on Tom's couch and might even have to find a job of his own. Together with friends John and Skip, these guys are always hatching new schemes — trying to get rich, get the girl, or just get by.

"Improv was the perfect foundation for a show like this," explains Sikora. "Sitcoms have always been about a slice of life — a chance for us to look at ourselves and laugh a bit. But we wanted to give that a fresh spin and inject some much needed spontaneity into the genre."

Having worked with talented improv performers on past productions, Sikora was inspired to create a series that would capitalize on their unique skills. "Watching actors improvise a scene is a thrilling experience," he explains. "To be able to make a complete show out of that can be tricky, but seeing how fresh and creative the end result is makes the whole process worth it."

After the strong reception to the series, New Renaissance Pictures is excited to bring "Best Laid Plans" to a new audience through its recent partnership with premium content provider Hulu. The sitcom is the first of several productions that New Renaissance plans to release with Hulu throughout 2011.

"Best Laid Plans" stars Jesse GrothOlson ("Cataclysmo," "Trunk"), Joshua Adam Snyder ("The Black Dawn"), Ben Seaward (ABC's "Modern Family"), John Mellies ("Project X"), and Kate Hackett. In addition to Hulu, the sitcom will continue to be available through

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